How To Edit Your Biolink

Created on 12 June, 2021 | Tutorial Klik VIP | 813 views | 2 minutes read

How To Edit Your Biolink

1. Click on your name and select 'Links' from the dropdown menu. If you are on mobile, please click the 3 horizontol lines first ()

2. Select the link that you want to customize, click on the 3 dots button and choose 'Edit'

You will be brought to a new page where you can change the settings of your biolink. If you're on a computer, the preview of your biolink will be shown on the right, If you're on mobile, the preview will be at the bottom of the page

after making any changes, you can click on your biolink URL at the top of the page to see what your live biolink page looks like. We recommend you look at it on both desktop and mobile

3. You can organize this link under a project by selectring the project under the 'project' drop down menu

4. You can choose to upload a profile picture by clicking on the camera icon and uploading a picture from your device.

5. You can remove your profile picture by clicking on the trashcan icon below your current profile picture

6. You can give a title and description for your biolink. The changes will be reflected in the preview

7. You can change the text color of your biolink by selecting the color in the 'Text color' option

Changing Your Biolink Background

You can change your biolink background by choosing one of the presets

Or by creating a custom gradient by clicking on the background drop menu and choosing 'custom gradient'. Select 2 colors to be used for the gradient

Or by choosing a single color background by clicking on the background drop menu and choosing 'custom color'. Select the color to be used for the background

Or by uploading an image from your device by clicking on the background drop menu and choosing 'custom image'. click on the 'Choose file' button to select an image from your device

Setting Your Social Links

1. You can setup your social links by clicking on the 'Socials' button

2. Choose a color for the buttons by clicking on 'Button color' and select your desired color

3. Enter the details of your social links into the corresponding boxes. Social links that are filled will appear at the bottom of your biolink page

Choosing A Font For Your Biolink Page

1, Click on the 'Fonts' button and choose your desired font from the drop down menu

When everything is done, click on the 'Update' button to update your biolink

Once you have done the basic setup, you can add blocks to your biolink page. Click here to learn how to add and edit blocks

Updated on 15 June, 2021